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Apr. 11th, 2020

It;s me ^_^

i'm HyphenxEighter
because i love Kat-tunxKanjani8

my ichibans are Ueda Tatsuya and Nishikido Ryo

khira/ khid
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Feb. 20th, 2017

KAT-TUN - solo project

kyaaa!!! one by one news of kat-tun came up! ueda's drama(currently airing) and stage play, maru's drama and mc show and kame's movie and drama!!! really cant wait all their projects! most excited is shuji to akira will make a come back!!!! my fav duo! damn! Nobuta my first jdrama i watch and since then i knew kat-tun and news. then stick with kat-tun till now!  maru also sing a new song for his new drama! is it single? i dun know. not confirmed yet. if true, chooo ureshiiiii ne :D :D haa....hopes ueda have a song too since he act as a problematic vocalist of indie band in stage play ...right? waaaaaahh!! there are high probability kame, maru and ueda have their own song each for their project! after that kat-tun come back!!! gosh! i can't wait this upcoming april!!!!! please johnny san make my imagination become truth!!! i really miss them a lot!! T_T

oh btw..i noticed there are few kamexmaru and uedaxmaru in show together....when is kamexueda to be appear???

Jan. 30th, 2017

New ichiban...???

OMG!! i might fall in love Nakajima Kento..because of Kurosaki-kun!!! kyaaa!! <3 <3 <3
My love grew as i watched his performance, Teleportation, MrJealousy and Electric Shock. He chooo kakkoi ne~ pluss his voice! his voice so great! i really2 love his voice instead of his face.

I remembered, i didn't like him (include Sexy Zone's members) because he is still kid back then.  And now...i take back hehehe he is man now ya!

i just realized that Kento-kun actually the main actor in Bad Boys! i have watched it long time ago but i didn't care much about him(other actors too) hohohoho i knew he is JE because i asked my brother what jdrama that have JE's idols including Johnny's Junior...at that time i'm not into fandom much but im still watch some jdrama about school, investigation and others genre. It's just i have no interested in get to know more about the actors.

i think i need to re-watch Bad Boys :D

I guess...i like arrogant type one hhuuuuu.

Jan. 29th, 2017

(no subject)

Kanjani8 never fail made me laugh hard hahaha

Jan. 25th, 2017

(no subject)

loves they performed with the live band and loves how ueda-kun looked so enjoy and crazy with the guitarist!

Jan. 22nd, 2017

Back to the fandom! Missing!

hai guys! it has been a long time i am not in this fandom, i don't know why.

i thought i loss interest in this fandom since koki left kat-tun. But that does'nt mean i forget them completely! because i still watching their concerts even though have no english sub since i found there are many community sub inactive.(i think this one of the reasons) kinda sad about it and yeah at that time i am so lazy to join new community especially the rules so strict! and some of them asked so many question or too much rules. it's really make stress sometimes.(the other reason..maybe?) huuhuhu...but doesn't mean i hate them. i knew and understand why they put all those rules. it's inapproriate if someone upload anywhere and claim their work as yours..if i am being them..i also mad about it.... just ..ergh..i don't know...  i just want to watch the  show, concert, my ichiban's silly. and i 've no time, extremely lazy  to re-upload their works. i really do approriate their works, efforts, time, energy :D

however, since Junno annouce to leave kat-tun..i felt...nothing? (i knew this is bad!) but as i mentioned earlier i  still watch all their concert, repeatedly! when i watched 10ks. i was SO missing them! much! during the "........" i was like 'huaaa kat-tun T_T..why why why? ' the end of the 10ks's part...i am cried! i felt  regret about not followed them much after koki left, to be honest most their songs after koki left not my type so i am not into their song much but i really enjoy their concert a lots! i still love their concerts, their bakaness, random talks hahaha... since that my love on kat-tun grew up...and also my interest into fandom grew up too...!! :D i trying hard to catch up all kat-tun' s news,videos,shows...not only kat-tun...kanjani8 too!!! i miss ryo!! i miss kanjani8's bakanes...because of the koki-left-kat-tun's and community-issue 's give effects to others..not to mention my lazziness during that time(pluss buzy on studies).....felt bad for kanjani8 T_T  huhuu...and maybe after this i found new ichiban, their junior??? hahaha.

but really yeah i knew i am such bad fans right?

i am not sure if can still call myself as a hyphen and eighter. :(

Dec. 1st, 2013

(no subject)


Feb. 18th, 2012

old Tatsuya - new Tatsuya (2000-2012)

I'm just too boring!
so I'm gonna write the changes my hairstyle ichiban
since he seem more hot! gorgeous! manly!

from being the messy boy but cute

he turned to plain boy

then turn to..err...rock and..weird??

after that his beauty appear a bit w/ black hair

then turned to girly guy and so pretty~~~

sometimes he wore spectacles

he always smile after that..his smile more bright and so big! that's smiled is killing me!!


his pouted too cute and sometimes can be dictator

then he be bouzUeda..and yeah! so manly!

and now he so~~ asdfghjkl

- i love his current hairstyle.. million thanks to who gave him a Kuya's role -
- i noticed this year he more standing out than past year -
- I can't wait and so excited his solo performance in concert -
- all pics credit to the owner -
- proud be his fairy !!! -

Feb. 2nd, 2012

found new love!! ^^

KAT-TUN - released a preview LOCK ON!! Kyaa~~~!!! they are back to the Rock!! mostly Hyphens said "Kat-tun back" or "Kat-tun welcome back" i wonder did KT was gone before??!! hahaha.. actually their image that come back. KT have tried many genre last year but only pop rock that suit w/ KT well! i can't wait the PV!!! it must be black theme, Kame use eyeliner, koki w/ black nail and a NEW TATSUYA hahaha. *dreaming* oh! i notice that Koki didn't rap in this song :( and i think i'm bad Hyphen because i kept replaying LOCK ON before its release.!^^V
D-DATE - new single is JOKER (koki??hahha). i love this song!!! before this i was not into them but when i listened JOKER and LOVE HEAVEN, i love them!! and why right now i noticed Seto Koji choo kakkoi!! *smacks me*hahha... his baby face kinda gone.. a mature one! D-Date have four members. i only now Seto and other one member, who was being ultraman Dyna (he is??) and always saw him in jdrama, igara shunji?igarashi shunji?iguru shunji?? i didn't remember his name!! i don't know the other two members but there are someone, he choo kakkoi/kawaii?? don't know. but he can conclude a pretty guy!!<<3333
ONE OK ROCK - i've heard this band a long time ago and i know the vocalist who is but only now i listen their songs! i totally fucking love this band!! their music style?? should be like Green Day?? Bunkface?? don't know!^^
NewS's pic
 the arrow show the vocalist One Ok Rock : Taka during teenager times
the vocalist is ex-member NEWS!! who would think the cute guy who have baby face

turn to be like this!
One Okay Rock! <<33

#copy paste from my blog^^

Jan. 21st, 2012

preview Jin Akanishi - Sun Burns Down

Test Drive never interested to me but this song keep replaying in my head!
totally fucking love this song so much!! <<<3333333333333
i can't wait the whole PV!!

the pic is not mine

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